Mr. Green Universe

Sadly, Governor McDreamy was not warming my globes Sunday morning; he was talking global warming on Fox & Friends.

Knucklehead host Brian Kilmeade asked, “Why is it a lot of Republicans in particular don’t believe there is global warming or climate change?” Flashing his sly half-smile, Arnie answered, “Well, I think they know the reality. I think they’re just trying to protect business. And in the end, they’re hurting business.”

Boo-yah! Down goes Kilmeade! Down goes Fox! Down go GOP enviro-deniers!

See, you don’t mess with My Main Man on issues green. A couple days previous at a Yale to global-warming conference, other governors, respected climatologists and the head of the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change drew golf claps. But when You-Know-Who entered, the crowd went nutcakes.

He explained how bodybuilders and environmentalists were once outside the mainstream. Now there are weight-lifting machines in every gym and green thinking is being taken seriously politically.

Guess who brought that about?

The Republican Party champions capitalism, capitalism spurs technological answers to life’s problems and, with California’s lead, technology will bring clean-energy solutions.

Again, I ask, who caused this?

Before he could be ever so humble to bask in praise of all he’s doing for our planet, Schwarzy had a little fun with Yale prez Rick Levin, advising him to buy a $100,000 electric roadster from Tesla Motors of San Carlos because the “girls will go crazy.”

I know someone who needs no fancy ride to get this girl’s motor running!