The unforgiven

So the Terminator fired Dirty Harry, and everyone’s recyclable burlap panties are in a bunch. Cry me a mystic river!

Das scoop: After having appointed them to the California Parks Commission, Arnold did not renew the terms of his brother-in-law Bobby Shriver and fellow Hollywood heavyweight Clint Eastwood.

Shriver and Eastwood are among a Parks Commission majority that opposes carving up San Onofre State Beach around the border of Orange and San Diego counties for the extension of a private toll road. This isn’t a little section of park wasteland we’re talking about: As proposed, the 241 Foothill-South would divide and conquer the length of the narrow, pristine canyon park, endangering species and, to hear local surfers tell it, one of the world’s best surf breaks.

Earlier in his reign, My Honey Bunches of Oom Pah Pah tilted slightly against the toll road. Then he took an official stand: neutral. Now, like the megadevelopers who bankroll Orange County politics, San Diego County politics and the California governor’s office, he’s for it.

So, bye-bye, boy-os! They’ll be fine. Shriver can always go back to hanging pictures in Maria’s women’s museum—or menstrual show, as I like to call it. And Clint? My sources tell me what he really wants to do is direct.