Arnold’s gaydar

Addressing the national convention of Log Cabin Club gay Republicans Friday, Da Gov called voter initiatives to ban same-sex marriage “a waste of time” and that “California people are much further along on that issue.” Moralistas cry, “He’s being inconsistent!” Let’s examine the record.

When Arnold ran for governor in 2003, he said marriage should be between a man and a woman. On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno the next year, he said he opposed constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage but had no problem with courts legalizing such unions. He went on to veto legislation to legalize gay marriage in California three times, saying the people should decide. Now referendums have come forward to allow the people to ban gay marriage, and Arnold is against them.

It makes perfect sense: If the people, through their legislators, craft legislation to allow gay marriage, Arnold vetoes it. If the people, through initiatives, try to ban gay marriage, he fights against it. And if the people, through initiatives, try to legalize gay marriage, he’s for it. This week.

Where’s the inconsistency?