Flaming lips

As the dust settled from UCLA Medical Center disclosing that an ex-employee snooped into the medical records of Farrah Fawcett, Maria Shriver and 32 other high-profile victims, California’s Chiseled Chief Executive revealed that he’s been stung.

At a news conference unrelated to the scandal, Arnie recalled that every time he left an operating room, he was told there were “people going through your file that had white coats on. Obviously, they snuck into the hospital. They had nothing to do with the hospital staff at all.”

Funny, I always wore the powder blue lab coat. I mean … the Let’s Play Doctor Partner of My Dreams bravely vowed to stop snoops. He must, lest foes see private medical records that show the governor had his lips removed. You know, readable lips implanted on Republicans to keep them from raising the “T” word.

Indeed, the actor who won the recall election by chastising tax-burning Democrats, mocked his ’06 re-election opponent as a “taxoholic” and vowed in January that the $8 billion budget gap can be closed without raising taxes, “in recent months has signaled in increasingly frank language that he would consider new taxes as part of a compromise,” the San Jose Mercury News reported April 7.

Another Arnold (take your pick): flip-flop/broken pledge/evidence he ain’t Republican? Nein! Nein! Nein! As his med records clearly show, the replacement lips were made of wax. Blame that damn nurses union, but don’t you dare blame My Man!