Modern Drunkard

March 2003

Here’s one for the “see it to believe it” list: a magazine devoted entirely to the pursuit of drunkenness. From its 1950s pulp-fiction cover to its list of ways to know you’re a drunkard (“You hate the person you become when you black out because that fucker drinks all your beer”), this is a cover-to-cover manifesto for the unabashed and unrepentant sot. No apologies for staggering—which, according to one article, is becoming a lost art—throwing up, blacking out or generally acting like a drunken idiot. Though a good deal of the content is hilarious (for example, “Clash of the Tightest” details a fantasy drinking match between such elbow-bending heavyweights as Richard Burton and Charles Bukowski), it also raises alarms about the public shift from drunken-driving prevention toward drinking prohibition by organizations like MADD. After all, Prohibition worked so well the last time.