Tracy Wrestling Federation

Tower of Power Action Hour

Cable-access Channel 74, 11 p.m. Thursday

“All right, it’s rasslin’. Wait, where’s the ring, the commercials, the steroid fiends. Rasslin’?” You bet! It’s the Tracy Wrestling Federation, where skinny white boys wrestle in their front yards, smashing each other with chairs, fluorescent light bulbs and even 8-year-old spectators who get too close to the action. The Corporate Beekeeper is destroyed by the Columbian Firecracker; Tommy Polo, male model, fights a “dumpster match” against the Jake, a hero of Hulk Hogan-like proportions, and the Mad Ref is somehow never around when you need him. Between matches, anything goes—on-camera shoplifting, amateur pyrotechnics, pro-porn speeches on the Capitol steps. With plenty of imagination and a little realistic “blood,” these nutcases put on a weekly show aired in Modesto and Sacramento (it’s banned in Tracy). Immature? Unprofessional? Yeah! This is what cable access TV was meant to be.