January/February 2001

The latest edition of the Maxim-usurping men’s mag FHM (For Him Magazine) is pretty much standard-issue testosterone deference: rude, sarcastic text, sex and gambling tips and cheeky interviews with real-life assassins. Of course, it’s also boner-ific as all hell, what with copper-colored cover girl Alyssa Milano tugging at her tank top and semi-nude sit-downs with Baywatch Hawaii stars and Vegas showgirls. But the local-angle in this particular issue is a typically snarky but intriguing interview with Sacramento Kings franchise player Chris Webber, in which the potential free agent makes some uncomfortably wistful comments about playing for the Knicks, calls Phoenix forward Tom Gugliotta the dirtiest player in the game and tells teammate/ex-chain smoker Vlade Divac to get his ass into the weight room.