Mickey B’s

As I continue my quest for the best steak burrito in Sacramento (winner so far: Taco Loco) I find that now is the time that all great men must ask, who the hell’s idea was it to put so much rice in a steak burrito? This is my observation, at least, after my recent visit to Chipotle in Laguna. Damn, the place, with its soothing angular beige lines, looks like it came straight out of Aspen. But alas! No one in Colorado, or wherever the heck this corporate chain (now owned by McDonald’s) originated, seems to understand the true nature of marinated flank steak wrapped in a tortilla with beans: That’s all you need. I say hold the rice, or cut across Laguna Boulevard to the Baja Fresh right next to Borders, where they seem to have a handle on this steak burrito thing. Adidas, muchacos!