Meat that matters

Barbecue, barbecue, all around us, but not a bite fit to eat! That’s the way it’s been in Sacramento lately, where every new bar and grill seems to be absent the patience required to render this American staple in its most tender and delectable form. That’s where Mary’s Kitchen & BBQ comes in. When it comes to barbecue, Mary’s doesn’t mess around. What’s your meat of choice? Ribs, brisket, roast pork, chicken, links? Don’t matter, because Mary’s does them all the best. Chicken and ribs melt off the bone. Roast pork shreds easily without a knife. Topping it all off is Mary’s own special barbecue sauce, which comes in “mild,” “medium” and “kick it,” the latter of which puts off enough heat to justify the name. Add side dishes like greens, baked beans, and coleslaw, and perhaps some peach cobbler for dessert, and we are talking about one soulful repast. Take note, C-Webb.