Educating burrito

From a culinary standpoint, “wrap” is a way to say “burrito” without the cocina Mexicana connotations; “Bombay curry wrap” sounds less like a case of pan-cultural miscegenation than “curry burrito” does. But make no mistake: This new establishment in Town & Country Village is a fine burrito joint. The wraps are phatties. Starting with a choice of tortillas, inside of which a foundation of Spanish rice, salsa, black beans and Romaine lettuce is rolled, you can pick a number of options. These range from the straight ahead (chicken, steak, rice and bean, seafood) to vegetarian to the more exotic: Thai chicken, teriyaki, Cajun shrimp, the aforementioned curry, even a Mediterranean number with lamb, onion, green pepper, jasmine rice, sour cream and salsa. And if wrap isn’t your thing, they also serve salads, quesadillas and soft tacos. So, next time you’re hitting Trader Joe’s out north, here’s a fresh and reasonable (most plates a buck either side of $5) place to nosh.