Hero worship

The secret to making a good, East Coast-style sandwich lies in the folding of the meat. The folks who run Times Square Deli and Grill on Fulton Avenue know this. For example, consider their Jersey Turnpike Special: it’s so thick with grilled sirloin and pastrami, it’s almost impossible to get your mouth around it. How do they do it? The meat is sliced paper thin and folded upon itself many times—if you unfolded it, the sirloin alone would probably cover the area of three football fields. The juice from mushrooms, garlic, and onions, as well as melted Swiss cheese, infiltrates these folds, creating a sublime taste sensation that is exceedingly rare this side of the Mississippi. And if beef and pastrami aren’t your bag, have no fear. Times Square offers nearly 80 different sandwiches on its menu, including New York-style hot dogs and basic hamburgers. Feel like a hero? Then get on over to Fulton Avenue and buy one.