A burger in crawdad town

Best not wait for the levee to break before heading to the Levee Café in Isleton—the dang place might be under water by then! Seriously, those seeking a burger and a Coke to break up their Sunday joyride in the Delta will find the Levee, with its Depression-era tin signs, green-and-white Sears-style metal and plastic dining sets, and its picturesque placement near the entrance of Isleton’s historic Main Street a pleasant and appetizing diversion. Try the steakburger—1/3 pound of fresh, ground sirloin—in its hamburger form, or with tangy Swiss cheese in a patty melt. Or go the fat-free route with the chicken breast sandwich—skinless, boneless breast meat wrapped in a thin, crusty French bun. Breakfast items and Mexican selections also grace the menu. Directions are simple: Drive 35 miles or so down Highway 160 to Isleton. When the road comes down off the levee, slow and take the first left. You’re there.