Break the chains

Hamburgers can be reduced to two schools of thought: “high and dry” or “hot and juicy.” You can find the latter type at California Burgers, if the independently operated joint’s Swiss-mushroom burger is any indication. It starts with a pair of nice, flat beef patties that seem as big around as a small Frisbee. Gobs of fresh Swiss cheese and canned mushrooms are piled on top, and the whole mess (and “mess” is the operative word here) is sandwiched between what eventually becomes an extremely soggy bun. Forget about picking this one up in one piece—it ain’t gonna happen. A change of clothing, or at the very least a lobster bib, is highly recommended. Seriously, California Burgers offers a full array of breakfast, lunch and dinner items, the prices of which can be scoped out at No reason to be a slave to the chains if you don’t have to.