Letters for November 2, 2017

I have no sense of humor

Re “Our morbid history” by Anthony Siino (Feature, October 26):

Sacto. Storie’s? How about scentillating gorrie’s, story’s most of the Chase story is incorrect I know the cop who worked the case and arrested him, I also met one of the son’s of a victim (His mother) whom Puente murdered by poisoning her. You have no feeling for the familys of those who were victimised by those two the storys are in bad taste and lack any kind of sympathy for their losse’s not only do you get things wrong, you dont even re-tract or correct them, your also heartless, especially for what the S.N.R. did to those people at the Twelve Rounds Brewery, next youll have Chris Macias writing for your paper, it’s all garbage. Classless crap paper. Sincerely, screw you.

Charles HollingsHead


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I hate Nazis

Re “Our morbid history” by Anthony Siino (Feature, October 26):

Let’s not forget these two blood brothers; Benjamin Matthew Williams and James Tyler Williams—white supremacist brothers. Whom killed a gay couple, tried to burn down some synagogues in Sacramento and also tried to blow up a Planned Parenthood. Nothing to see here—just your everyday average devoutly religious lone wolves doing their lords work. F’eh! Bless their hearts—Because I sure as f---k won’t!

Matthew Ross

Citrus Heights

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Get the name right

Re “Our morbid history” by Anthony Siino (Feature, October 26):

For heavens sake, don’t your reporters do any fact-checking? HUGH SCROTTON was the name of the Unabomber’s first Sacramento fatality.

Rebecca Kane

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(Actually, it was Hugh SCRUTTON; apologies for the error, and thanks for caring. —Editor)

I have a right to be safe

Re “The debate comes home” by Jeff vonKaenel (Greenlight, October 26):

We need to help the homeless. A serious issue of social injustice is occurring here though. It’s not democracy, it’s greed. It’s relocating the homeless population of downtown, Midtown, East Sac, etc. into North Sac for at least the next several years. I hope they find them permanent housing. I am white but by no means am I upscale. I just bought my first-ever home here in Woodlake after saving pretty much all my life, and I’m not young. Now I am shocked that they are putting us at risk so other affluent areas can sleep more safe and sound and make more money and attract more business.

Kristen Perry


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Vanishing charm

Re “Last stand on 21st Street,” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, October 26):

The city now belongs to the developers. Pity. The charm that was once Midtown is gone, replaced by boxy buildings with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Thank Hansen and Steinberg for this revolting development. Way to wreck a city, boys. Well done.

Judith Chunco

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I have a sense of humor

OK, if they make self-driving cars that run on pure ethanol and it has an accident, who gets the blame (and ticket for DUI), the car manufacturer or the owner??

David R. Goodson

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