Letters for October 19, 2017

Roza: Step down

Re “House of cards, part II” by John Flynn (News, October 12):

“Calderon said the fact that she paid the money does not prove that she had taken it. ‘I grew tired and frustrated by the situation and decided to write a check to the club and be done with it,’ she said.” OK. I’m not sure about anyone else, but if I wasn’t guilty of taking/using a sum of money not from my own funds, I most certainly wouldn’t fork over almost $2K “to be done” with something. Roza, if you aren’t going to fight for yourself in your self-proclaimed innocence, why should we believe that you’ll fight for those of us in the 4th District? Please step down and let one of the other three women get the job done.

Luann Welborn


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Calderon candidacy = McClintock win

Re “House of cards, part II” by John Flynn (News, October 12):

I don’t want to vote for a person who makes poor choices and errors (unintentional or intentional) in handling other people’s money … period. Mistakes are hard to make if a candidate is being serious and responsible. If this article didn’t come out imagine what McClintock would do with this information next year. Yah … not good. Too many people knew about it for it to stay within Placer Women Democrats. Plus, PWD has an obligation to inform us since it was our money misused. Pretty simple. No drama necessary.

Holly Cuthbertson


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Stoner safety

Re “Pull over, roll up” by Ngaio Bealum (The 420, October 12):

The author is correct that no one should drive impaired, but he is incorrect when he says there is no objective way to tell if a person is stoned. I have developed a new public health app that measures actual impairment—it is called DRUID (an acronym for “DRiving Under the Influence of Drugs”) available now in the Apple App Store (Android version coming very soon). DRUID measures reaction time, decision making, hand-eye coordination, time estimation and balance, and then statistically integrates hundreds of data points into an overall impairment score. DRUID was featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and on CBS Local.

Michael Milburn


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Good Pony!

Re “My Little Pony: The Movie” by Jim Lane (Film, October 12):

Leading voices are mostly unknown?! Tara Strong, Tabitha St. Germain, and Cathy Weseluck have been doing voice work for years! Why does it seem lately that every single negative review coming out in the past few days sounds tired and by the numbers, with the same limp string words pulled from a hypothetical hat with paper slips? At least you weren’t rude like that prick from Movie Nation.

Mario Rodgers


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Good Pony! Part II

Re “My Little Pony: The Movie” by Jim Lane (Film, October 12):

“Bronies will be disappointed by the ponies.” *Sees 88% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes*

Zak Wood

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Help, feds!

Apparently … the BLM is out of fire fighting money from the federal government and many of the firefighting bomber planes are sitting idle while fires rage in California, and people are dead. This does not seem to be an inter-agency effort, with Forest Service, BLM and Cal Fire.

Dee Lark


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