Letters for October 12, 2017

Killer story

Re “Blood on the tracks” by Scott Thomas Anderson (Feature, October 5):

I’ve been reading SN&R for probably 10 years, and this is the best article I’ve read. Four years ago, a friend and I were going around the rail yard interviewing and spending time with rail-hoppers while researching for a screenplay we wanted to write. Then this happened, and all of the sudden the wanderlust and curiosity was tainted by the uncomfortable fact that this lifestyle is dangerous. Having been born and raised in Roseville, hearing the trains clanging from my bedroom every night, this story hit home.

Jake Kilgore


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Fear the bums

Re “Blood on the tracks” by Scott Thomas Anderson (Feature, October 5):

Let this be a lesson to SN&R readers. Having romantic illusions of life as a nomad, and slumming with marginal people, can kill you, as happened to Josh Alpert. And so many of the people in these and other subcultures are not “disenfranchised” or victims; they are in fact the perps.

Bill Zaumen


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True detectives

Re “Blood on the tracks” by Scott Thomas Anderson (Feature, October 5):

Thanks to the officers for the diligent work. RIP young man.

Justin E Lehr

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Prop. 13 had help

Re “How Prop. 13 helped cause the housing crisis” by Jeff vonKaenel (Greenlight, October 5):

No, Prop. 13 didn’t cause the housing crisis. It exacerbated it. Tenants were already organizing against high rents and egregious treatment in the mid-1970s. But we also have to look at the disinvestment/reinvestment strategies of [finance, insurance and real estate] industries (going back to the Panic of 1907) and the increasing levels of real estate subsidies. In Sacramento, we have to note the nearly instant disinvestment/reinvestment scheme that enabled private equity to buy a large amount of property very cheaply and rent it out for very high rents. This scheme was entirely subsidized by the government.

Alison Brennan

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Cut the crap

Re “Going viral” by Raheem F. Hosseini (News, October 5):

Thank you for drawing attention to this very serious issue. It is appalling, the lack of response from the city and county. I’m glad to hear they will be getting vaccines out to people, but people can still get infected after being vaccinated. It should also be noted that of the 460-plus cases in San Diego, only 69 of them were unhoused people. Ultimately the best way to prevent an outbreak is to open the bathrooms.

James Clark


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Camp HOPEful

Camp HOPE you guys are amazing. Coming from the foster system myself, I know how some of these kids feel, and to get away from all the emotional strain is a small step, but it’s one of the first steps of these kids’ emotional future. Thank you for giving the children a feeling of belonging. Keep up the great work, and I hope that in the future you’ll be able to bring in more children to your camp.

Vicktoria Skold Farmer

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