Letters for October 5, 2017

Liberal Nazis just don’t get it

Re “Shock rock lives up to its name” by Steph Rodriguez (Music, September 28):

Don’t these people know that the Mentors are a satirical novelty act!? How is going to this show any different than watching a movie or comedy act? I find it disturbing, paradoxical and downright hilarious that the P.C. police and their brand of liberal fascism is akin to Nazi Germany without even realizing it. I think it’s time to put away the often debatable who’s “right or wrong” card and start to give people their rights whether you agree or not with their chosen “entertainment.”

Gary Trujillo

Los Angeles

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Put homeless shelter in Fab 40s

Re “Field of Dreams” by Raheem F. Hosseini (News, September 28):

I always see these homeless cities proposed for some sh*t hole areas. All these wealthy homeless advocates always want these places around people who have no financial means to object. Here’s an idea: Let’s put them on the palatial grounds of these rich people crying for tent cities. Don’t make me name them, but I’ve been to their homes and have seen the acres of gated, secluded yard.

Curt Fry


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Too many people

Science says natural disasters like Irma, rising sea levels, floods and others may be caused by global warming. Science says global warming may be caused by overpopulation. If you are 69 years old or older, the world population has tripled while you have been alive.

Stuart King


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Mediate, don’t litigate

Re “Erika Englund, divorce mediator” by Faith Lewis (15 Minutes, September 21):

Thanks @SacNewsReview for giving our show host @coopsolution her 15 minutes!

Split | Decisions

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Let’s go! Sacramento!

ICYMI: Republic FC earned the @SacNewsReview 2017 Best Team Award! Thank you fans and let’s keep it going for these last matches!

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A dancer’s dream

Honored to be on the cover of @SacNewsReview representing @SacBallet! Don’t miss our stellar 2017-2018 Season: www.sacballet.org.

Alexandra Cunningham

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