Last woman standing

Election Day is nearing and this paper is endorsing Hillary Clinton (see “Vote or die!”).

Maybe that will surprise some. Clinton’s more centrist than, say, Bernie Sanders, whom this paper endorsed in the primary, or Jill Stein.

Not everyone at SN&R likes Clinton, though we mostly seem to agree she’s the best option. For me, however, HRC represents a solid choice, not just a sacrificial shrug of a vote.

I’ve followed her career for decades and while I hardly agree with everything she’s done, I believe she’ll make for a smart, strong and capable commander in chief.

Certainly, I’ve admired the way she’s handled herself during this sexist circus sideshow of an election.

I can relate. Over the years as a reporter and editor in the semipublic sphere, I’ve heard from readers, among others, that I am (take your pick) too old or too young; too feminist or not feminist enough; too dumb or too much of a smartass.

I’ve been called ugly and also subjected to lewd “locker room talk;” I’ve been told to smile and also chastised for “acting like a girl.”

I’ve been called a bitch, slut, whore, feminazi and, yes, nasty.

I’ve watched other women deal with it, too. During the mayoral race, for example, I heard a 50-something peer dismiss candidate Angelique Ashby as “shrill.” And, of course, I’ve read the endless critiques of Clinton’s hair, voice and pantsuits.

The fact that Hillary Clinton is a woman isn’t why I’m voting her, but you can be damn sure her steely poise facing off against other candidates, the media and Donald Trump matters.

If I may, nasty woman to nasty woman: C’mon HRC, girl, you got this.