K.J. for governor?

A new Sacramento State poll concerning the views of Sacramentans toward Governor Gorgeous proves that Kevin Johnson will be your next mayor. And yet, respondents were not even asked about K.J.

Let me ’splain.

Professor Amy Liu and students from the university’s Institute for Social Research conducted the phone poll of 1,200 randomly selected adults that found the majority disapprove of Arnie’s handling of public education (56 percent vs. 32 percent approval), health care (54 percent vs. 30 percent), the economy (49 percent vs. 36 percent) and the state budget and taxes (47 percent vs. 39 percent).

So, naturally, Sacramento would pooh-pooh his overall performance. Wrong! You give him a 58 percent approval rate—higher than everyone else in California, of whom only 44 percent spread the love.

How does this spell victory for K.J.? Well, Mr. Mayor-to-be has been dinged for his handling of education and the budget at his St. Hope Academy. And no one knows what the hell he thinks about health care, the economy and taxes, because he barely delivers more than wishy-washy sound bites to the media—when he isn’t ditching debates with other candidates.

But Johnson is also the only celebrity in the race. His campaign is basically built on a promise of reform, without any indication of what reforms he has in mind. And the more inappropriate sexcapades allegations that come out, the more we all love him.

Sound familiar?