Haterade rant

illustration by mark stivers

The Central Valley city of Tulare made national news last week when a code-enforcement officer shut down an 8-year-old girl’s lemonade stand for not possessing a valid business license. The girl was reportedly trying to raise money to fund a family trip to Disneyland. Whether the code-enforcement officer had devil horns in place of human ears remains unconfirmed. Hopefully, this incident serves as a reminder to all Californians of how the tyranny of petty bureaucracy threatens all citizens of this state who dare to serve food or drink outside a pre-approved space not enclosed by four walls. So whether a taco truck in Sacramento, a bacon-wrapped-hot-dog vendor in Los Angeles or an 8-year-old Matterhorn enthusiast lemonade slinger in Tulare, no street food is too big or too small to be deemed a threat to local government’s delicate sensibilities.