Golden State goulash

Photo By mark stivers

Sacramento is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country, and one of the benefits is an amazing array of restaurants and food festivals. So how did we end up with such a goulash of people? The upcoming fourth International Association of Culinary Professionals’ food history symposium “All Things Culinary Around the World in 1849” will explore the international food history of the mid-19th century and how these flavors converged here during the gold rush era. Culinary historians will talk about Mexico, Russia, China, India, France, Italy and other immigrant cultures that added ingredients to our tables. Of course, being California, there will be plenty of fermented grapes to lubricate the learning. The historic Wine & Roses hotel in Lodi will be Melting Pot Central for the event, October 8 to 10. Register by September 1 by going to Do advance research by eating your way down Stockton Boulevard.