Food Stuff

Illustration By Marianne Mancina

Lazy Sunday mornings scream out for brunch, but all too often the standby places in Midtown have you battling a huge crowd and a long wait before you get your bacon and eggs. If that happens to you, try heading a little bit south to Curtis Park’s Cafe Melange. I’ve heard rumors that it can be crowded on the weekend, but we had no trouble snagging a table (either downstairs or in the loft-like upstairs space) at which we could enjoy treats like banana pancakes, omelets and my favorite: toothsome oatmeal with chopped peaches, toasted almonds, and plenty of cream and brown sugar. The grilled veggie scramble is a savory, mushroom-filled delight served on top of a giant fluffy biscuit with hollandaise sauce and a side of yummy home-fried potatoes. Oh, and the most important part of any brunch—the coffee—is awfully good, too. 2700 24th Street, (916) 451-2312.