Food Stuff

Illustration By Marianne Mancina

Because we don’t have cable TV, when a big game of any sort is happening, my husband is occasionally to be found at a slightly seedy sports bar near our house. A few weeks ago, a debate sprang up among its denizens about the home of the best burger in Sacramento, and the consensus was apparently clear: Stockton Burgers. I decided to give it a try. The service might charitably be described as brusque, the atmosphere was lacking, and the serving of fries was small, but the burgers were thick and meaty, with a nice almost-charred flavor. Better, however, was a vanilla milkshake. (They were out of chocolate.) It was made before my eyes with ice cream scooped into a stainless-steel canister, weighed and topped with milk—sweet, thick and just right for a hot summer night. I can’t quite agree that they’re the best burgers in town, but I’d go back for the shake. 2033 Stockton Boulevard, (916) 456-3340.