Food Stuff

Sitting the family down to a home-cooked meal is a problem for many working households, unless your television name is Cleaver and you have an irrepressible youngster known as “the Beaver.” But this is 2004, not 1954, and some nights, even June Cleaver might be hard-pressed to fix Ward’s favorite casserole. We would recommend to her El Michoacano, a great taqueria on Franklin Boulevard, as a good place to pick up the evening meal. Although El Michoacano does not list this option on the menu, it does sell family-sized quantities for takeout. For $10.99, you get one pound of your favorite taco filling, a dozen tortillas, chopped white onion with cilantro, lime wedges, shredded iceberg lettuce and whatever you require from the salsa bar. Add your own salad, and you have a balanced, delicious and economical dinner. Problem solved within the 22-minute parameter of the average TV sitcom. 5681 Franklin Boulevard, (916) 424-3975.