Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

A reader called with the opinion that Karen’s Bakery Café and Catering, adjacent to old Folsom, was the best bakery in the region. We made a detour on our way to Tahoe to see for ourselves. We resisted the lure of Karen’s dazzling cakes, choosing instead to order a trio of baked goods more appropriate for eating while one hand guided the steering wheel. Our cookie was stuffed with white-chocolate chunks and macadamia nuts, moist and chewy. The morning-glory muffin reminded us of a good carrot cake, though the absence of frosting kept us from feeling self-indulgent as we devoured the whole thing. Best of all was the s’more brownie—a block of thick, graham-cracker-flavored brownie that sandwiched a filling of marshmallow and chocolate chips. But is Karen’s the best? Given our limited sampling, we cannot say. We intend to go back, repeatedly, until we can render an informed judgment. 705 Gold Lake Drive, Suite 340, in Folsom; (916) 985-2665.