Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

The start of grilling season brings back memories of childhood. We’d douse live charcoal with lighter fluid and watch it flare up in a dramatic fireball. And garlic bread? That came from a soft French loaf, split crosswise, slathered with margarine, sprinkled with garlic salt and accented with Parmesan sawdust shaken from a green can. Yeah, it was good, but it was not exactly health food. Here’s an alternative that is better suited to a healthful Mediterranean diet. Thinly slice a crusty, rustic loaf of sourdough. Brush one side of the slices with a good extra virgin olive oil. Grill the slices over the fire until golden brown. Take a peeled, raw clove of garlic and rub it across the rough texture of the bread. Eat as is or top with thinly sliced cheese, olive tapenade, eggplant caponata or some other savory topping. Then, take a sip of chilled dry white or rosé and give thanks for bringing garlic bread into adulthood.