Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

A casual observer might conclude that Elk Grove is indistinguishable from any other fast-growing suburb, dominated by commuters, tract homes, business parks, strip malls, restaurant chains and drive-throughs. But if you look hard, you also can find eateries with character, such as the Sunnyrose Café. The Sunnyrose, located in the town’s tiny historic district, exudes old-fashioned charm, as if blue-haired grandmothers are in the kitchen rolling out pie crust. The breakfast menu offers tempting choices such as sirloin hash, house-made granola, hot biscuits, applewood-smoked bacon, fried red potatoes and Plantation Coffee Roasters java. Portions are hefty; omelets weigh in at four eggs (a two-egg option is also available), and the eggs Benedict comes with six slices of Canadian bacon. It would be nice if the Sunnyrose also had a sit-down counter, but, on the bright side, there is not a drive-through in sight. 9007 Elk Grove Boulevard in Elk Grove, (916) 685-2233.