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Restaurant wine prices can send a diner into cardiac arrest, thereby compromising the health benefits of moderate drinking. This brings us to Gorman’s Fine Food and Provisions Not only does Gorman’s compact wine list offer an eclectic variety (including Charbono, Petite Sirah and Grenache), but also most bottles sell for less than $30. And that’s not all. Gorman’s does not charge a corkage fee if you bring a special bottle from home. A reasonable $10 corkage will be assessed after the first bottle (make sure you are bringing in an aged, rare or otherwise special bottle, not some $7 item from the supermarket). Gorman’s hearty and locally raised food, set in a 1940s roadhouse, is enough to warrant a trip to the rustic town of Yolo. Add to that Gorman’s magnanimous wine pricing, and the Yolo journey deserves to become a regular part of a healthy lifestyle. 37380 Sacramento Street, Yolo (about 12 miles north of Woodland on I-5), (530) 662-6889.