Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

Dining at a historic restaurant can be like experiencing time travel. You feel transported to a bygone era. Take Giusti’s, a family-style restaurant the Giusti family has operated since 1910. The menu is reassuringly familiar: Options included veal T-bone, roasted rack of lamb, charcoal-grilled New York steak and broiled lobster tail on a recent Friday night. Persons of a certain age will get nostalgic as the dinner unfolds: a tureen of homemade soup fortified by homemade-tasting broth; a bowl of crisp iceberg salad with homemade-tasting creamy dressing; a plate of sliced, dried salami; and a dish of garbanzos and kidney beans marinated in olive oil, garlic and parsley. The entrees arrive with a foil-jacketed baked potato. The young waitresses were unfailingly well-mannered, and the food was simply and deliciously prepared. So, take the drive to this Delta classic, a trip that will take you back generations. 14743 Walnut Grove/Thornton Road, Walnut Grove, (916) 776-1808.