Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

Many folks pop calcium tablets to ward off osteoporosis. An alternative might be to order the braised sole at First Choice Chinese Restaurant. The selection isn’t listed on the menu and was suggested by our waitress. The fish came splayed on a large platter, steaming hot and golden brown, with a few sprigs of cilantro scattered across the top. “Chinese people eat all of it, including the bones,” she politely instructed us. The fish meat was juicy and clean tasting, with the cilantro adding a refreshing contrast in flavor and texture. The skin was crispy and not at all scaly or fishy. We were grateful that the bones, which looked like a severe choking hazard, broke down with a chomp or two. We drew the line at eating the head. After consuming all of those bones, we figured we had done enough to fight osteoporosis for one day. 1313 21st Street, (916) 448-8833.