Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

Sacramento’s holiday traditions don’t include chestnuts roasting or sleigh bells ringing, but we do have mistletoe in the Modesto ash trees, and a foggy winter wonderland of sorts. And then there is ye olde Vic’s Ice Cream. Now in its sixth decade, Vic’s offers such seasonal flavors as peppermint stick, fresh cranberry sorbet, Irish coffee, pumpkin, spumoni, pistachio and eggnog. Those who prefer eggnog in liquid form can request a quart of Vic’s ready-made eggnog mix. Compared with the grocery-store product, Vic’s eggnog is richer and sweeter and contains moroe nutmeg, but it also costs almost triple the price (at $4.50 per quart). Some folks like to add a bit of whiskey, brandy or rum to eggnog, perhaps to cut the richness. In any event, Vic’s is a Sacramento holiday tradition, so grab a quart of that eggnog, stand in the fog under a Modesto ash and spread the holiday cheer. 3199 Riverside Boulevard, 448-0892.