Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

Not too long ago, drug dealing was about the only economic activity going on at the 65th Street Expressway’s former Costco site. Happily, that is all in the past. Pacific Plaza, a 140,000-square-foot, Asian-themed retail center, has routed the drug dealers and has attracted a whole bunch of folks who just love to eat. The complex is dominated by a full-size Asian grocery store but also has a smaller market dedicated to Indian foodstuffs, a café offering Vietnamese sandwiches and steaming bowls of pho, a noodle house packed with shoppers, a bakery featuring sugary cakes and pastries and a bookstore with men outside playing board games. With the parking lot resembling the bustle of Arden Fair’s, and with uniformed security guards roaming in electric carts, it is unlikely that illicit commerce will return anytime soon to this haven for food lovers. 65th Street Expressway between Stockton Boulevard and Sky Parkway (behind Florin Mall).