Food Stuff

Illustration by Conrad Garcia

A restaurant’s emptiness may be attributed to a variety of reasons, such as a bad location, poor marketing or indifferent food. Then again, maybe the place has yet to be discovered. That seems to be the case with the Pooja Indian Grill. Pooja has been open for a year, yet it was nearly deserted one recent Saturday night. That’s too bad; the clean, family-owned establishment offers some of the tastiest North and South Indian dishes of any restaurant in our region. Try the tandoori mix grill, baked on a sizzling iron plate in the tandoor (a clay oven). The dish comes with tandoori chicken and shrimp, sheek kabob (lamb meatballs made with bell peppers, herbs, onions and spices), booti kabob (tender, marinated lamb) and chicken tikka (marinated chicken cooked on skewers). The restaurant is open for dinner and buffet lunch Monday through Saturday, so grab one of those empty tables and discover Pooja for yourself. 1223-25 Merkley Avenue, West Sacramento, 375-8906.