Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

It is fitting that the mighty California Public Employee Retirement System, which manages more than $100 billion in assets, features cafeteria food worthy of a Fortune 500 corporation. Café Plaza offers a range of daily soups, stews, grilled items, chef’s specials, wraps, healthy selections, salads, sandwiches and blue plates. A recent menu featured braised lamb shanks, Southwestern burritos, Monte Cristo sandwiches and a chef’s salad with fresh salmon. Each of the various food stations has a separate queue, so wander around to see what appeals to you. Quality is high, yet the prices are so low (the menu tops out at $4.50) that one wonders if PERS subsidizes the cost. Even the dining room is classy, with carpeting, banquettes and an outdoor courtyard. The employees would prefer to keep this place a secret, but anyone can come here and eat corporate-quality grub on a pensioner’s budget.