Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

Encountering the salsa bar at El Mariachi Taqueria put us in the same predicament as a visit to Baskin-Robbins. We had just gotten our order of burritos (one with marinated red snapper and the other with grilled chicken and a pumpkin-seed mole) when we saw big bowls of salsa chilling on crushed ice, along with bowls of whole radishes, roasted jalapeño and lime wedges. There were 17 salsas in all, including jitomate (tomato), aguacate (avocado), pepino (cucumber), nopal (cactus), manzana (apple), mango, ajo (garlic), chipotle (smoked jalapeño), piña (pineapple) and fresa (strawberry). Where do you start? We wanted to line our tray with 17 little cups, but we heeded the sign that admonished us to use the salsa bar responsibly, so we sampled a few with our two-fisted burritos. We’ll be back to check out the rest of El Mariachi’s 17 flavors. 400 G Street, Davis, (530) 750-0688.