Eight Gigs: Throwdown

Sat., Aug. 15, 10 p.m., Midtown Barfly, $10-$20

This party celebrates two years of Saturday dance nights behind the old Bacon & Butter spot on 21st Street. I've gone twice. Which means I go about once a year, in case your fried gulliver is really that bad at math. More math chat: The fun quotient at these parties is so exponential that you'll be sleeping in to the nth degree on Sunday. That's a good thing. Bonus: Lighting, artwork, lasers—the mise-en-scene by Requiem Events is probably unequaled in town. Double bonus: Casino Gold (pictured) performs. They were so fresh at THIS Midtown earlier in the summer. Definite second-viewing material. Buy your tickets for this in advance. 1119 21st Street, https://requiemevents.queueapp.com.