Eight Gigs: Kool John and P-Lo

Fri., Aug. 14, 11 p.m., The Boardwalk, $18

Neither Kool John nor P-Lo are the most famous rappers in East Bay's HBK Crew. Iamsu! and Sage the Gemini have that honor, and do so because their solo records are more ambitious in concept and their styles are more over-the-top. Kool John and P-Lo stay faithfully low-key and subtle on their recent collaborative mixtape, Moovie. Their easy swagger is a perfect accompaniment to the weed-soaked beats. The duo keeps the verses consistently fun. Moovie is packed with head-bobbing, stream-of-consciousness party anthems that never resort to overproduced single-line hooks. 9426 Greenback Lane in Orangevale, www.hbkgang.com/moovietour.