Eight Gigs: The Phantom Jets

Sat., Aug. 15, 9 p.m., Fox & Goose, $5

Were it not for my lifelong fear of stepping on a crab, I definitely would have been a world-champion professional surfer. But I can still dream of a world of gnarly waves and bogus wipeouts, courtesy of veteran Sac garage rockers the Phantom Jets. Sarah Hudson's Farfisa drops you right in the pipeline on “Phantom Stomp,” while Frank Temmerman's propulsive, energetic drumming puts the horsepower in cuts like “Doom Buggy” and “Drag Queen Race.” Check out their album The Phantom Jet Set on iTunes. This show could be just the thing to help you forget about that bully who kicked sand in your face and stole your best girl. 1001 R Street, foxandgoose.com.