Doobie newbie

Ngaio Bealum is a Sacramento comedian, activist and marijuana expert. Email him questions at

I’m trying to convince my mother that some type of marijuana or cannabis oil would be helpful for her muscular dystrophy. What happens when you go into a medical marijuana facility the first time? How does that work? The idea of even walking into a dispensary makes her uncomfortable. Are the people there always exceptionally knowledgeable?

—Linda Saint-Queen

Go with her. That’s the easiest way. Take your mom to the doctor’s office and get her signed up as a patient, while you sign up as her caregiver. Find a good dispensary in your area ( has a good list of caring medical cannabis providers) and go. I am sure you will find it to be very simple and easy.

This is what will happen: When you get to the dispensary, you will show the security person your ID and your letter of recommendation. Once you get inside, you will be asked to fill out a form, and then you go talk to the nice budtender. Easy peasy. Most budtenders these days are very knowledgeable about the uses and effects of all the different strains and varieties. Visiting a cannabis dispensary is easier than going to the pharmacy.

I didn’t find any published studies about using cannabis to treat the symptoms of muscular dystrophy, but the web is full of anecdotal evidence. Apparently, people use cannabis to deal with the pain and muscle spasms associated with muscular dystrophy. I am sure there is a dispensary in your area that will be able to help your mom feel better. Check with a doctor before beginning any treatment plans.

My buddy is voting against Proposition 64 but I am voting for it. Should I end a friendship because this fool insists on helping the government perpetuate the drug war?

—Holden A. Grujj

Let it go. If Prop. 64 passes, you can gloat a little bit. If it loses, you will probably need your friend to help you when you start working on a new initiative. Voting for or against Prop. 64 is no reason to end a friendship. I mean, it’s not like your friend is voting for Donald Trump, right? Right?

Seriously, though. I can see ending a friendship because your “friend” (anyone that supports Trump isn’t really your friend) has enough hate and racism in their own heart to support the sexist, racist, spiteful, thin skinned, impolitic, obtuse, ignorant and hateful lout that managed to connive his way to the top of the Republican ticket. For real, someone supporting Trump for president should examine their heart and look at why. Why support division and hate? A vote for Trump is a vote for division and hate. No way to sugarcoat it. But if your friend is misguided about voting yes on Prop. 64 because of reasons like “Monsanto” or “Big Tobacco” or “I don’t like change! I like being a criminal!”, I would suggest you exercise patience and compassion and remain friends. No need for us to take someone else’s political stance as a personal affront. Unless they support Trump.