Delicate flour

SN&R Illustration By Mark Stivers

We all know that whole grains are the way to go, right? Problem is, if you like to bake, whole-wheat flour can sometimes be a bit of a bust. (Leaden cake is definitely healthier if nobody is willing to eat it.) But that’s not the case with white whole-wheat flour, which is finely ground from a strain of wheat that’s naturally pale in its whole-grain form. I don’t know that I’d use it for a génoise or something super-delicate like an angel food cake, but I’ve had great luck substituting it for all-purpose flour in basic baked goods like biscuits, quick breads and cookies. I found white whole-wheat flour from Vermont miller King Arthur Flour Company at Trader Joe’s and was cautioned by the checker to keep it in the freezer for longer storage—and also that supply is limited: When they run out, they won’t get more until fall.