Deceptively decadent

Braised Beef Burgundy Melt, Mendocino Farms

Nothing is as emblematic of comforting leftovers (comparable to Thanksgiving) as Mendocino Farms’ Braised Beef Burgundy Melt ($12.25). This warm sando takes some traditional Thanksgiving flavors and applies them to non-traditional ingredients. The result is a deceptively decadent sandwich of wine-braised beef, havarti cheese, pickled red onions, peppery arugula from Scarborough Farms and a spicy dijon aioli between two toasted pieces of rustic white bread. Swap the white for a toasted ciabatta for something a little closer to a fluffy biscuit. Either way, you’ll get the itis, which is the best part of the indulgence ritual anyway. 1610 R Street, Suite 125,