Pozole for the soul

Pozole, Alonzo’s Coffee Shop

Menudo and pozole are two soups special to Mexican culture. But, if you’re not a fan of tripe’s chewy, slimy texture, then try pozole. At Alonzo’s, pozole ($9.25 for a large) is made from scratch daily and it’s served with all the traditional accompaniments to garnish as needed: diced onions, shredded cabbage, radishes and lemon wedges. The deep red broth is made from guajillo and ancho chiles, garlic and spices with chunks of tender pork and a generous ratio of hominy. This comforting bowl is also served with corn or flour tortillas for table-side taco-making. Be sure to squeeze those lemon wedges into the pozole, the acidity cuts through the saltiness and gives it a welcome brightness. 5649 Stockton Boulevard, facebook.com/alonzos1969.