Cuddle that turkey

Ever cuddled a turkey? Are you surprised they like to cuddle? It’s legit: Just do a Google search for cuddling turkeys. Like cattle, these birds are cuddle bugs, if we let them be. But by the numbers, humans generally don’t: Time magazine reported 45 million turkeys were going to be killed for last year’s Thanksgiving meals. That’s out of the 244.5 million that are raised for slaughter on American farms annually. Some of those millions get lucky, though, and wind up at farm sanctuaries like Animal Place at 17314 McCourtney Road in Grass Valley. Animal lovers are invited to meet them on Saturday, November 10, for the annual Thank the Turkeys fundraiser. Tickets are $40-$75, and attendees will get a catered vegan dinner, a guided tour of the farm, treats to feed the birds and a goody bag. Turkey cuddles are not guaranteed, but who knows, maybe there’s a hen there who wants a hug!