Vegan by law

It’s been a plant-based whirlwind recently. If you blinked, here’s what you missed: Gov. Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 1138 into law, which requires institutions—like hospitals and prisons—to offer plant-based meals. And then the governor was like, my pen’s warmed up, lemme approve Senate Bill 1249, which prohibits the sale of any cosmetic product that was (or contains components) tested on animals. Baller move, Brown. This is progress for health, inclusivity, common sense and kindness. Plus, this great news comes to us during Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge month. So pick one (or more) of the 30-plus participating eateries at and celebrate. Raise a glass of the Verde Sweet México cocktail at Tequila Museo Mayahuel, or a fork full of vegan mac ’n’ cheese from Sexy Panda Food Truck or a vanilla sorbet dessert sandwich at Broderick. There’s a lot more for vegans to eat these days.