Your plate and the state

The V Word has been promoting a vegan lifestyle in SN&R since 2010, and now the state of California is tootin’ the plant-based horn too. Assembly Concurrent Resolution 279 encourages “Californians to include more healthy plant-based foods in their diet.” ACR 279, which passed September 7, was authored by Assembly Member Ash Kalra—a vegetarian “on the path” to being vegan, according to his office at the Capitol. The resolution cites all the common-sense health, environmental and humane reasons we’ve heard a hundred times, and since California is a leader in pro-environmental policies, the state “should continue to demonstrate how the world’s population can reduce its impact on the environment” by putting our conviction where our mouth is. But don’t worry, since resolutions aren’t enforceable laws, we’re not getting a Vegan Police Department. Kalra said, “Together, we can foster better health, preserve the environment, and promote compassion for animals.” Yes, we can. —Shoka