Almond milk recall and rethink

The raison d’être of almond milk is to not contain dairy. But HP Hood LLC recently recalled some half-gallon cartons of refrigerated Blue Diamond Vanilla Almond Breeze almond milk, “because the product may contain milk.” The recall applies to 28 states, but California isn’t one of them. A representative from HP Hood LLC told CBS a dairy container contaminated the almond milk due to an employee error. The Food and Drug Administration stated, “The product is safe to consume unless you have a milk allergy or sensitivity,” and there was only one reported allergic reaction, which didn’t require medical treatment. The recall does raise the question, why not make almond milk at home? If one has access to a blender, 1 cup of raw almonds, and 2 cups of water, it’s not hard. Follow the Kitchn’s ( recipe, which is basically soaking, blending, then straining the nuts. Just don’t drop a container of cow’s milk in it.