Christy Savage

“As a busy filmmaker and artist, I find that I tend to listen to music based on the projects I am currently working on,” explained Christy Savage, also the producer of the ever-popular Trash Film Orgy ( Savage’s current project is a movie called Monster From Bikini Beach, which will feature the first four songs on her Playlist. The Curtis Mayfield track “has absolutely nothing to do with our movie, but I will still listen to it every chance I get,” Savage confessed.

1. “Monster from Bikini Beach”
by Necro Beach (from

2. “Murder on the Beach”
by the Hypnotic Four

3. “Necronomican Ex Boardis”
by the Pyronauts (from Surf and Destroy)

4. “La Quebrada”
by Danny Amis with Lost Acapulco (from Daddy-O Grande in Mexico)

5. “Superfly”
by Curtis Mayfield (from Superfly)