Chris Olsen

Chris Olsen is a man of many talents. He plays the piano, organ, keyboard, guitar, tenor banjo, ukulele, bass, cornet, trombone and trumpet. Oh yeah, and did I mention that he also sings? If you’re not insanely jealous of his abilities you should consider getting your head checked, as chances are you’re just plain insane. Olsen currently lends his musical talents to the Band That Time Forgot, Baby Grand, and Seven Arms of Shiva, his solo recording project. In addition to his musical abilities, Olsen is a talented graphic designer, an avid bike rider (although a recent collision with a truck

may have put a damper on that past time) and a prolific blogger (read his stuff at Here’s a sampling of some tunes that Olsen enjoys:

1. “Ridin’ in My Car”
by NRBQ (from Ridin’ In My Car)

2. “Paris”
by Moondog and London Saxophonic (from Sax Pax for a Sax)

3. “Stardust”
by Louis Armstrong (from Stardust)

4. “Three”
by Henry’s Dress (from Henry’s Dress)

5. “Pink Tuxedo”
by the Bananas (from the First Ten Years … of the Bananas)