Eric Frederic

Eric Frederic, the man behind the Pinole-based act Wallpaper, specializes in computer-generated tracks that inspire ass-shaking and hand-clapping in even the most uptight souls. While Frederic was happy to put together a Playlist, it wasn’t without some complaint: “This was an awful and cruel thing to do to me. I started with about 30 songs, and did the whole High Fidelity-Cusack thing, just totally agonizing over it,” Frederic remarked. “This list is titled ‘Real Mean, Real Nasty.’” Catch it when Wallpaper plays at Club Pow! this Monday. Tickets are $3.

1. “You’re the One For Me”
by D. Train (from You’re the One for Me)

2. “Radioactivity (Let’s Jam)”
by Royal Cash (from Funk Grooves)

3. “Deja Vu”
by Beyonce (Deja Vu CD Single)

4. “Bop Gun (Endangered Species)”
by Parliament (from Funkentelechy Vs. the Placebo Syndrome)

5. “Water No Get Enemy”
by Fela Kuti (from The Best Best of Fela Kuti)