Jon Droll

It can be difficult to determine whether or not people enjoy your column—that is, until someone straight up tells you. That was the case when I ran into DJ Jon Droll at the Town House a couple Fridays ago. “I’ve secretly been hoping that you’d ask me to do a Playlist,” gushed Droll, who was sporting some peach (not pink) short shorts in honor of the night’s theme. Here it is, Droll’s list of summer tunes from the mid- to late-’90s. See boys and girls, dreams do come true.

1. “Deathwish”
by Christian Death (from Only Theatre of Pain)

2. “Don’t Fall”
by the Chameleons (from Script of the Bridge)

3. “Performance”
by Tones on Tail (from Everything!)

4. “Reverence”
by the Jesus and Mary Chain (from Honey’s Dead)

5. “Fun to Be Had (Zulu mix)”
by Nitzer Ebb (from Showtime)